Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter


A kilner jar of Hobbs House Bakery’s 59 year old Sourdough.Will bake an infinite amount of sourdough bread.


The Hobbs House Bakery Sourdough Starter is a living, multi award winning wild yeast culture. It has been fed daily for an incredible 59 years.

In that time, raised some of the finest bread. Refrigerated it can rest for weeks. Fed, it can raise you an infinite amount of magnificent loaves. To become a custodian of this edible heritage is priceless.

We do like to encourage everyone to go to our Sourdough FAQ’s, which is full of really helpful information. As the Sourdough starter is a living culture, it changes and develops all the time.

As well as our Sourdough FAQ page, we also have 3 really useful recipes; the Sourdough Starter recipe, Feeding a Sourdough Starter and a Sourdough Bread recipe. Time to get sourdoughing we say.

We also have a Small Bread Making Kit and complete Bread Making kit, which also include Sourdough Starters and are excellent gifts for a loved one.

One of our customers, Julia Moore who is an avid baker herself said that “after a 3 week rest in the fridge your starter refreshed beautifully & raised an amazing loaf”

We often find that the Sourdough Starter is bought as a gift which is a lovely idea. Please be aware that this item must be refrigerated within 48 hours of arrival. 

Weight 0.600 kg

Sourdough Culture